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Keep it SIM-ple

                                                                   DSGB SIM LEAGUE RULES

                                              "WE PROMOTE 'SIM' BUT PERSONAL STYLE OF PLAY"

             (If you have a problem with an owner breaking a rule evidence must be submitted to a league admin.)

                              (No public complaing will be tolorated AT ALL trash talk is ok and smiled upon)

Most of us that join a sim league, join to avoid playing against players that use exploits in the game mechanics to win, And so we can play a video game basketball game as "realistically" as possible. That being said, we don't expect everyone to play the same. Everyone is not always going to want to walk the basketball up the court and run a play each possession. Your style of play is up to you but we do expect you to incorporate these few rule into you game. 

1. 100 percent on ball defense; if you mix in zone, control the player closest to the ball. 

2. Don't play zone the WHOLE game, mix up your defenses. We personally prefer playing Man, but sometimes to stop an opponent, adjustments gotta be made. 

3. No cherry picking;   Fast break on turnovers ONLY. To avoid the controversy, just run the ball past halfcourt. ( you can still push the ball that way) . 

4. PiP= 50% of total points minus fastbreak points. This rule will be inforced to the fullest! 

5. 25 shots per game by any player; 25 max 3point attempts per team unless in overtime.

5. No complaining in chat; just send a respectful message to your opponent reminding him of any rule he might be breaking; and finish out the game. NO QUITTING. As a last resort, send an ADMIN a message; we are all grown, we should be able to resolve our own problems. 

                                                       Trade Rules

 (You are allowed to tade all offseason but in the regluar season, no more than 3 trades)

1. Once in the regular season and you complete a trade you must play at least 5 games before you are allowed to complete another trade. this will be tracked and if not followed the trade will be vetoed and you will be removed from the league. 

a player CANNOT be traded for 3 times during the season, for example... sefalosha gets traded to hawks, now Hawks has the final trade for him. If sefalosha gets traded from hawks to another team..he is no longer valid for trades.


to clear everything, breaking a rule will not result in a reset, i repeat, NO RESET! (unless game drops),

  • an owner who breaks a rule will get his best player suspended for 3 games. Second infraction is 5 games
  • an owner who breaks the Trade limit rule, both teams involved in the trade will have to seat the players traded for the whole season (no excepiton, it is your General Manager duty to know who can trade and who can't, PAY ATTENTION!)
  • shot limit rule (30 shots per plaer/25 three points per team) , the player who broke shot limit rule will sit for 3 games, the team who breaks the three point limit rule will sit the player that took the most threes for 3 games. second infraction is 5 games
  • a combination of 2 rules broken in one game will result in your best players sit out for 5 games, no exceptions!
  • Quitting a game will result in 5 game suspension. THERE IS NO QUITTING IN DSGB, GRIP THE FUCK UP!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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