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It's been a week since the DSGB 2k15 season 1 has started and it is clear to see which teams are making a strong push to make a name in the league. The good and the bad start for the next-gen.

Chosn and his memphis Grizzlies are surprisingly playing night in and night out showing that it is not a fluke that he is at the top of the power ranking still. Currently 7-2 and leading their division, with stellar performance from vince carter and michael conley. Although they have poorly performed during the pre-season, we can now see that it was just a team in transition, trying to gel with their new coach scheme and strategy.

On the east side of things, the cleveland cavaliers are still undefeated at 9-0, the only team to get close to pull it off was the detroit pistons but their lack of experience and sup-par offense cost them dearly in the last seconds of extra time. Deion waters is the secret key to this offense , while lebron is there to make sure they seal the win. Projected to go to the finals and they are on track to do so. be sure to catch their games on EMtv in the DSGB tv network.


The Bad...
trying to find something positive to say about the brooklyn nets start to the season is a hard task. They have been losing alot of games where they are clearly the favorites, but lack of motivation and sometimes miscommunications between an hispanic coach and his african-american players can be the cause. With only 5 wins to brag about and 11 losses including a loss to the hawks, it's safe to say their playoffs hope are very slim at the moment. On a brighter note, the acquisition of paul george may boost their moral and hopefully translate to some wins, but deron williams still look lost on the court and at times looks like he his playing a game of 21 by himself.

Although they are above .500 , the miami heat is somewhat struggling to make an impact in the east as of yet. Still mourning the loss of lebron, miami's only wins come from beating the nets and celtics, 2 mediocre teams. Can rocky push his boys to the promise land once more?, seems like they are more worried about what indiana pacers are doing, which are undefeated but not enough games played to predict their outcome
On the bubble...
severals teams show potential to make noise this season 1. Golden State Warriors, still putting up a clinic every night, beating their opponents by double digits, a slow start to the season dropped their stock a little bit lower then expected but it looks like they are back in form and ready to take that road to the finals. Their recent performance has earned them a tv deal with DSGB tv and all warriors game shall now be broadcasted nationwide.

The Twolves started sizzling hot but have dropped and lost 4 straight games to only bounce back with a win over the suns, with a 3-4 record in the west anything is possible.

The pacers looks pretty solid but after an head-scratching trade to send pg13 to brooklyn in exchange for joe johnson, we question this team's goal for the season, maybe they just want to sell more tickets and jerseys.

Coach Melo and his sixers won their first 2 games but since then been on a downward sprial, it's like putting a muzzle on a barking dog. Can they bounce back?, it sounds like the coach is no longer interested in winning, poor philly fans...

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